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FeNO Impacts Asthma Treatment Decisions

Supplier: Niche Medical By: Craig Abud
07 April, 2015

Recently a large allergy practice evaluated FeNO (Fractional exhaled Nitric Oxide) measurement with NIOX® by testing 50 asthma patients.

Initial treatment evaluation included a physical exam, spirometry and standard asthma assessments.1

36 per cent of treatment recommendations were substantially altered following the FeNO test. 1

Study Design

  • Single centre, single-visit, observational study of 50 subjects aged 7-60 years
  • Following a standard asthma assessment, including history, physical exam, spirometry and asthma control test (ACT), health care providers (HCPs) were asked to estimate airway inflammation and make treatment recommendations
  • FeNO results were then given to the HCPs and they were given the opportunity to modify treatment plans based on the FeNO results

Regular FeNO* testing of asthma patients with NIOX®, measures allergic airway inflammation (Th2 driven) and helps to:

  • Reveal if your patient will benefit from ICS** treatment.
  • Optimise ICS dose and reduce exacerbations up to 50 per cent. 2,3,4
  • Detect patient non-adherence to ICS. 5

While improving asthma outcomes 2,3,4 and reducing costs. 6


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