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Supplier: Geared Asset Finance

Geared Asset Finance is a specialist Vendor Finance Partner for businesses supplying all equipment types. We provide finance solutions for your customers rather than them having to pay cash for your equipment.


From the Vendors point of view - this is the same as a cash sale. Once finance is approved and documents have been signed with the client, you will receive full-payment for the supply of your products.

Geared has a wide-spread and longstanding portfolio of vendor partners who we have setup a finance program for so allowing them to successfully use finance as a sales aid tool and significantly improve their sales.

We have vendor programs in areas of:

  • IT and office equipment
  • Point of sale systems
  • Plant and equipment
  • Motor vehicles
  • Medical equipment
  • Agricultural equipment

The benefits of having a Vendor Finance Program include:

  • Break the cost of your equipment down to a daily or monthly rate. This is a good way of allowing the client to clearly see the cost and benefit of the equipment - per day
  • Provide an overall turn-key solution to your client in having a finance partner available
  • Possibly transform the cost of your equipment into an 'operating cost' through using a rental product
  • This means that you open up the clients’ potential spending budget to make it an easier decision to purchase. This reduces the need for capital expenditure
  • Speed up the sales-cycle by solving the client's problem of trying to pay for the equipment
  • Take the focus away from an invoice price and rather onto the monthly payment
  • Stay in control of your clients after the initial sale while keeping them for 'life'
  • Improve the overall profit margin on your sales
  • Use finance to secure your sale

The advantages of using finance for your clients include:

  • Preserves cash flow for other uses such as working capital
  • May provide significant tax benefits
  • Protects the clients current banking lines
  • Allows clients to obtain equipment when they need it
  • Payments can be structured to meet cash flow requirements


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