Fixing breakdowns in healthcare.

Supplier: Modsel
20 December, 2020

Equipment breakdown is almost inevitable. We say almost, because our goal is zero!

Our kind of products have to bear possibly the harshest treatment of any equipment by nurses, but that’s to be expected, as they have a much more critical role to play in delivering patient care.

It all has to start with the longest warranty. As we fully design, hand-build and maintain our own products, we have the confidence to say we’ll back up what we have done 100% and as history has already shown many times, we are sustaining equipment made by us over 15 years ago! Whilst we don’t encourage running vital equipment into the ground, at least you’re supported if you have to. A good warranty then has to be underpinned by parts availability, and that’s easy when we have our own factory full of every individual part, totally in our control and available now.

But what about this ‘zero’ bit?

Like a motor car, if nothing is serviced ever, it will break down of course. Our vision is in tough, robust products and trustworthy preventative maintenance, with common wearing parts monitored and replaced ahead of a crisis. If done right, having the longest warranty just becomes your peace of mind, to know that nursing has invested in something that will just work, and keep on working in harsh conditions, until it is finally granted the chance to retire.