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The Formthotics Medical System - Improving the Function of the Lower Extremity
The Formthotics Medical System (FMS) comprises a new philosophy, model and method for understanding and making foot orthoses.

It is based upon scientific literature as well as theoretical and clinical insight from respected health professionals in the fields of Sports Medicine, Musculoskeletal Medicine, Podiatry and Physiotherapy.

It is the most evidence-based and "holistic" approach to making truly functional devices ever developed.

Foot orthoses of many types have been successfully alleviating foot and leg pain for decades but scientific validation for how and why they are so effective has been elusive.

Dr. Charlie Baycroft, the inventor of Formthotics suggests that variations in anatomical alignment are normal and that our modern environment is the true source of lower extremity dysfunction.

Hyperpronation is caused by the normal foot trying to adapt to abnormal flat, hard surfaces and foot orthoses should be made to mimic the complex effects of yielding, natural surfaces.

These ideas are incorporated into the design, material selection, manufacturing and fitting methods employed in Formthotics custom foot orthoses.

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Assess the patient's condition using the 6 Steps method, then select from a range of FormthoticsTM brand products with varying support (hardness) and cushioning (softness), types (full length or 3/4 length for shoes without laces or non-removable insoles) and sizes (from Kids to Extra Large).

Our Formthotics products, made of polyethylene, should be customized via thermoforming to the patient’s foot and footwear for best effect. Only Formthotics products are milled (rather than compression moulded which destroys the foam at the cellular level), providing a uniform density of foam under the foot, and allowing them to be repeatedly re-formed as necessary.

Clinical research at LaTrobe University in Melbourne, Australia concluded that Formthotics foot orthoses are equally as effective as hard plastic orthotic orthoses for people with chronic heel pain, despite being considerably less expensive.

Our Foot Science Express products are made of ethylene vinyl acetate and come with a rearfoot and forefoot wedges for adjustment.

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