Get heart healthy pack Omega-3 into your diet

03 March, 2011

The Omega-3 Centre has called on consumers to get heart healthy by eating more essential "good fats" such as fish or Omega-3 supplements.

To mark Omega-3 Awareness Day on 3 March the Omega-3 Centre has reminded consumers of the growing scientific evidence that consuming appropriate levels of this nutrient is a simple way of protecting the heart against cordiovascular disease.

In Australia, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death; killing one Australian nearly every 11 minutes. These deaths and the impact of the disease are largely preventable, with the World Health Organisation identifying diet as a clear contributor to cardiovascular disease.

The accumulation of clinical and epidemiological research findings that position Omega-3 as a super nutrient, providing benefits to both prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease is well recognised in Australia.

In particular the Heart Foundation acknowledges these benefits and has published detailed position statements and a summary of evidence that establishes dietary and supplement recommendations for the omega-3 nutrients.

Professor David Colquhoun, renowned cardiologist and researcher, University of Queensland and the Wesley Medical Centre in Brisbane, has been a contributor to this growing dossier of knowledge.

"The long-chain Omega-3's are essential nutrients for life and for good heart health. Healthy adults need at least 500mg a day and for anyone with cardiovascular indications then at least 1,000mg per day - or just two to four serves of oily fish a week - is needed."

"If fish isn't in your diet, then take concentrated fish oil capsules or find omega-3 fortified foods to ensure you have these fantastic "good fats" in your diet," Dr. Colquhoun said.

The Omega-3 Centre warned that despite the evidence Australians are consuming less than a quarter of the suggested dietary intake required to help prevent cardiovascular disease and the consumption levels for children are even worse.

With over 14,000 research projects and articles highlighting the positive health benefits of long chain omega-3s, the international research community has nominated 3 March 2011 as the World Omega-3 Awareness Day.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of long-chain omega-3s and how to meet your daily needs, please visit the Omega-3 Centre website at

Source: Omega-3 Centre