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Glass Ionomer | Riva Protect

Supplier: SDI Limited

The ultimate glass ionomer surface protector, sealant and liner

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Proprietary ionglassTM filler technology

Riva Protect utilises SDI’s proprietary ionglass™ filler developed by our glass technologists. ionglass™ is a radiopaque, high ion releasing, reactive glass used in SDI’s range of dental cements. Riva Protect releases substantially higher fluoride to assist with remineralisation of the natural dentition.


The unique nanotechnology  filler additive in Riva Protect, ACP (Amorphous Calcium Phosphate [Ca3(PO4)2] further enhances remineralisation.

ACP Technology

ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate)is a nanoparticle filler additive that can be easily absorbed by the tooth structure. ACP supercharges the natural remineralisation effects of glass ionomer cements. ACP is made from the same materials as natural tooth enamel, but is in a form that makes it easy to be absorbed. ACP adds extra calcium and phosphate to the tooth interface, which combines with fluoride from the glass in Riva Protect to reform the natural tooth structure!

Perfect for caries-challenged patients.

Riva Protect is the ideal product for caries-challenged patients – it adheres directly to the tooth, strengthens the underlying tooth structure and effectively seals the tooth from harmful bacteria and acids.

Great protector for partially erupted teeth

Riva Protect immediately guards the pits, fissures and tooth surfaces of partially erupted teeth from caries development. These teeth are the most vulnerable and moisture control can be difficult.

Low viscosity

The ideal low viscosity allows Riva Protect to quickly flow over surfaces and penetrate deeply into pits and fissures. A recognised cause of pit and fissure sealant failure is an inability to seal. The tight seal and self adhesive nature of Riva Protect optimises retention and eliminates the space required for bacteria to grow.

Self adhesive

Like all glass ionomer cements, Riva Protect chemically bonds to the tooth surface without the need of an adhesive.

Moisture tolerant

Riva Protect can be placed in a moist or dry environment. Unlike when using resin sealants, moisture control is not an issue.

Pink or white

Riva Protect is available in pink or white shades. Some clinicians prefer a white shade for a more natural looking restoration. Others prefer to be able to identify the material easily after the restoration has been placed.

Choice of setting times

The capsules are available in regular or fast setting times. The powder / liquid sets are available in regular set.

Special indications

With its superb fluoride releasing and remineralisation abilities, Riva Protect is fabulous for use as a liner. For orthodontists, this is a great material for bite openings.