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GLAZE ULTRA is an outstanding all purpose finish that responds to ultra high speed buffing with a wet look shine. It has excellent durability and reparability when maintained with GLAZE CLEAN & BUFF and GLAZE RESTORER.GLAZE ULTRA performs best when burnished daily with 2000 rpm machines. GLAZE ULTRA is NOT recommended for use on wood, rubber or stone floors.

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Glaze Ultra
High Speed Floor Finish 2000 RPM Plus Machines

- For Ultra High Speed Machines - Spectacular Gloss
- Scuff & Heel Resistant - For Vinyl Floors
- Spray & Buff Repairs - Dry Buff Repairs
- Mop Clean or Autoscrub - Fast Drying

1) Preparation - Thoroughly wet strip floor with GLAZE STRIP OR GLAZE STRIP SUPER, rinsing
thoroughly. Dry burnishes, dust mop, then apply sealer.
2) Applying sealer - Lay coats of GLAZE ULTRA from a fringe mop in opposite directions. Allow
surface to become touch dry before recoating. Apply coats according to traffic level or gloss
required. Usually 2-4 coats are required after stripping, or 2 coats when relaying after machine
3) Caution - Film formation is dependent on temperature and humidity. In cold weather warm
GLAZE ULTRA to 15-20C before applying. Do not apply to surfaces below 5C. When in doubt,
please contact technical adviser for advice.

Type:  Metal Linked Polymer
Colour:  White Translucent
Odour:  Bland
Storage:  1 Year
Buffability:  1000-2000 rpm
Removability:  Easy
Coverage:  60-70 sqm/lt
Flow & Recoat:  Excellent
Restorability:  Excellent
Scuff Heel Resistant:  Excellent
Gloss:  Excellent
Drying Time: 10 - 20 minutes
Slip Resistance:  Excellent

GLAZE ULTRA is NOT classified as hazardous according to the criteria of ASCC.
Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for First Aid procedures before using this
product. To prevent microbial contamination, close containers immediately after use and do not
add or insert any foreign materials or objects.
All Jasol products, including GLAZE ULTRA, are inherently biodegradable.


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