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Global Healthcare Solutions

Global Healthcare Solutions was founded under the premise of ethical health care provision, continuous quality enhancement and providing the greatest value to our customers.
Our team provides solutions in the areas of clinical care, health administration, sales, marketing, education, health information technology, product research and development, quality enhancement and WH&S.

With the collective experiences gained over the past twenty five years, we have seen health care costs increase, service levels drop and patient and stakeholder expectations soar.
This has led us to create a company to help you to manage these factors. Let us help you to reduce your costs, increase your service quality and exceed the expectations of your patients and other stakeholders.

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GHS was founded by the merger of several existing health industry companies which had already achieved substantial success in their respective fields. The creation of GHS has bought together advanced level skills from each company to establish a true leader in all aspects of healthcare.

The owners of the merged companies each had a vision to provide the highest quality and most effective solutions for healthcare requirements across Australasia and around the world. GHS now has the capacity, experience and backing to successfully exceed the expectations of our clients.

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