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Gorgeous Hospital Gowns

Gorgeous Hospital Gowns | Patient Gowns

Gorgeous Hospital Gowns

We provide gowns for health care recipients that are not only practical, modest and comfortable but also dignified and stylish.

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It's time to change the way you think about your hospital stay. When you go to work you wear your own uniform/suit, you go to bed you wear your own pyjamas, you go swimming you wear your own costume. So why, when you go to hospital, should you wear someone else's second-hand hospital gown? You don't have to is the short answer - buy your own Gorgeous Hospital Gown.

No matter how well and how often hospital gowns are washed, gowns provided by hospitals and other health care institutions may already have been worn by hundreds, possibly thousands, of other patients. Do you really want to wear an open backed gown, flashing your backside, looking terrible, feeling terrible? Its a small price to pay for your dignity, modesty and comfort to own your own Gorgeous Hospital Gown.

Hospitals also have an opportunity for a new revenue stream - pass ownership of gowns and the associated laundering to the patient. Sure, keep your current gowns or disposable gowns, but you can offer your patients the chance to upgrade to their own Gorgeous Hospital Gown! This will make your patients happier, make them more comfortable and give them a positive image of your hospital (especially compared to other hospitals that do not offer them a chance to wear a comfortable, stylish, back covering gown). At the same time you are reducing your laundry cost, depreciation on current gowns, and also making new revenue and margin on something you have not done before - selling Gorgeous Hospital Gowns. Talk to us about how your hospital can start selling Gorgeous Hospital Gowns to your patients today.

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