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GREEN PINE is a thoroughly emulsified neutral solution of highest quality pine oils, carefully compounded in a quaternary cleanser base for use in general hygiene in commercial and institutional premises.

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Green Pine
Natural Reodourant Cleaner

- Biodegradable - Safe to Use
- Excellent Cleaning Action - Free Rinsing
- Positive Bacteriostatic Properties - Fresh Pine Fragrance
- Strong residual effect

The quaternary base provides positive bacteriostatic properties to the product to ensure efficient

GREEN PINE is neutral in character, non-staining and safe to use on all common surfaces. It is
excellent for use in toilets, bathrooms and wet areas where positive hygiene promoting qualities
are most important.

GREEN PINE is non toxic, biodegradable when tested in accordance with AS 1792 - 1976 and
contains no phosphates.

Lightly soiled conditions: Dilute GREEN PINE 1:50 in hot or cold water (20 ml per litre)
Medium soiled conditions: Dilute GREEN PINE 1:25 in hot or cold water (40 ml per litre)
Heavy soiled conditions: Dilute GREEN PINE 1:10 in hot or cold water (100 ml per litre)
As a cleaner/reodorant: Apply GREEN PINE by cloth, sponge or mop. Remove excess water from surface and dry. No rinsing is necessary.

As a disinfecting cleaner: Allow to act for 15 minutes after mopping. Rinse with clean water.

GREEN PINEis NOT classified as hazardous according to the criteria of ASCC.

Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for First Aid procedures before using this

To prevent microbial contamination, close containers immediately after use and do not add or
insert any foreign materials or objects.

All Jasol products, including GREEN PINE, are inherently biodegradable.

5L, 10L, 20L, 200L