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Hair Removal & Vascular Laser Equipment System

Supplier: High Tech Laser

Asclepion MedioStar - World-leading laser hair removal with cooling in handpiece and unique laser delivery system for faster and more comfortable laser treatments.

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The Asclepion MedioStar hair removal laser features a patented laser beam delivery system that creates the most comfortable and fastest laser hair removal treatments available. It features a unique, patented ‘fibre to skin’ (FTS) technology that creates the most even energy delivery of any hair removal laser without the risk of ‘hotspots’ in the treatment area.

Elimination Of Hotspots In The Treatment Area

With traditional hair removal lasers a hotspot is formed in the centre of the treatment spot area with less energy towards the edges. This creates discomfort when excess energy is delivered in the centre of the spot. The homogenous energy distribution created by the MedioStar’s FTS technology means more comfortable and predictable treatment results are achieved.

Research performed in Europe compared the effectiveness of the MedioStar system with the previous market-leading hair removal system. The MedioStar outperformed the competing system with slightly better hair removal and a significantly lower incidence of acute erythema.

Greater Treatment Comfort

The MedioStar further improves treatment comfort by providing the option of delivering laser energy to the skin in double pulses. This takes advantage of the fact that the hair follicle retains heat for slightly longer than the surrounding tissue. The double-pulse allows the skin to cool momentarily in between shots while still delivering enough energy to create permanent hair reduction.

To obtain the best possible results and comfort, the recently released model of the MedioStar features a new and unique cooling system. This new cooling system enables more gentle treatments even at higher energy densities. It constantly and automatically monitors the cooling temperature before and during treatment to ensure a gentle, safe and virtually painless treatment.

Faster Treatment Technique And Intelligent Variable Spot Size

The MedioStar has a large spot size and a high repetition rate to ensure fast and effective hair removal. The MedioStar can be adjusted to treat smaller areas by simply changing the treatment tip, and the system automatically recalibrates itself to deliver the precise energy density required.

The unique features of the MedioStar allow the use of a faster treatment technique by the operator while maintaining treatment effectiveness and comfort.