Hand-made is old fashioned?

Supplier: Modsel
30 October, 2019

So why hand-made and not robots? Great question! It was our decision, our choice and it is still our belief...

Trained humans 'assembling with care' awards you with much more flexibility than box models from off-shore and robotic assembly lines.

But is flexibility important? Well from what we see, a rigid, standardised approach only supresses the creative possibilities for our talented nurses to try new ways of delivering better patient care. One half wants the world to simply conform, while the other wants complete freedom to do whatever it wants! We meet in the middle, hand building your orders to scale, whether you need 1 ultra-customised unit for a single specialist department or 50 units varying in unique features or 100 units all the same for a large facility, we have the capability. Why? Because we are all human.

You tell us exactly what you need, and when you need it, and our dedicated team will transform this into reality. This would be almost impossible with conveyor belts and fully automated assembly processes or factories in disadvantaged countries. For us, it’s easy when everything is ‘hand-made with care in Australia’.