Has there ever been an IV pole to love?

Supplier: Modsel
02 July, 2019

While quite insignificant and just expected to be there, an IV pole bridges the gap between the best care outcomes and everyday tasks that happen over and over again...

A well designed operational IV pole can embrace a combination of features to make nursing easier.

Modsel has worked with Australian nurses and designed a new IV pole that they need;

  • A safe hook design that while ultra-tough, reduces the potential of harm.
  • A light and easy ‘lift-up’ hanger that does not require extra resource to release and position.
  • Non-rotational hanger so cords and cables can’t twist and tangle.
  • A strong hanger support pole that won’t flex under extra load.
  • High strength hanger locking to hold the heaviest of fluid bag requirements.
  • Tough stainless steel and nylon construction.
  • An intuitive release, safely and effortlessly pulling the lock body down away from the hanger and from any direction, with the whole hand and not just fingers.
  • The main stand body in a large diameter stainless steel, perfect for the harsh necessities of regular pump mounting.
  • A friction retainer that resists standard lift-out operation, yet provides a quick and easy lock free experience when adding or removing from the patient support platform.
  • Several length options for full size and compact versions, both removable and folding.

We understand that the demand on nurses seems to be always growing to get more done in less time. Pausing to consider some of the most overlooked items in our environment can improve the lives of thousands of working carers forever, simplifying everyday tasks making it just that little bit quicker and easier to deliver quality care. Check out our new Contour IV Pole now.