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Hayes 10-Step Process Servicing

Supplier: Hayes Handpiece Repairs
29 May, 2013

Hayes 10-step process for servicing your high-speed handpiece.

1. Schedule a pick up

2. Use customised software to determine if handpiece is covered under warranty
3. Diagnose the problem

  • Test water spray, chuck strength and turbine
  • Test for air leaks
  • Check fibre optics
  • Look for any cracks or dents
  • Ream head if applicable

4. Disassemble the handpiece, removing all moving parts and components
5. Clean the handpiece externally and internally

  • Remove all debris, including rust, from the drive air tube, exhaust tube and chip air and chip water tubes
  • Clean internal and external head and remove dents
  • Clean and polish external shell and fibre optic ports
  • Clean the handpiece externally and internally

6. Check impeller and spindle for wear and nicks

7. Test for concentricity

  • Perform concentricity tests using proprietary concentricity gauge
  • The proprietary concentricity gauge allows Hayes technicians to prevent bur deflection from exceeding .0011 inches, which reduces stress and potential damage to the handpiece turbine
  • Test for concentricity

8. Overhaul handpiece and reassemble

  • If the turbine is rebuildable, rebuild with premium parts and bearings to OEM standards
  • If the turbine failed chuck strength and/or concentricity tests, install a replacement turbine
  • Inspect and repair water spray to ensure proper atomisation
  • Check water and chip air tube
  • Replace O-rings, fibre optics and end gasket if applicable
  • Rethread if applicable
  • Overhaul handpiece and reassemble

9. Test torque, RPM and noise
10. Return handpiece and review maintenance procedures with your staff if needed

  • Discuss maintenance for handpieces and attachments
  • Review different types of lubricants and cleaners
  • Check air pressure for each handpiece
  • Review autoclaving and related procedures