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Healthcare seats designed for customised needs of patients

Supplier: Fresenius Medical Care (Australia)
26 February, 2008

MedicalSearch recently conducted an interview with Tony Bournon, the marketing manager for Fresenius Medical Care Seating, about why the company's seats for hospitals, nursing homes and many other medical institutions are so valuable to patients and workers.

Fresenius Medical Care Seating began life as Artistic Tubecraft Pty Ltd in 1968, specialising in the manufacture of steel framed children's school furniture. In the early 70s the company began the manufacture of Australia's first custom-made seating, with a range of two chairs.

In 1987, the present owners expanded the product range with height adjustable chairs, recliners, then powered dialysis chairs and blood collection couches. Today, Artistic claims to be the leading manufacturer/marketer of dialysis, oncology and blood collection treatment chairs in the region. Recent sales to Pacific Rim countries have expanded the horizons of the company and moves into other new markets are underway.

Why are your chairs so important to the healthcare industry?

We are one of the few suppliers that is still manufacturing in Australia, which allows us to offer better lead times, more specific designs to suit individual needs, and more reliable quality.

What difference do your seats make to the lives of patients?

Our Aged Care and Rehabilitation designs are the result of over 20 years of client and professional feedback and interaction. The individual needs of the patient are met by either manufacturing to specific requirements or adapting existing designs. In our treatment chair range, the patient is accommodated in a firm supportive shape that will allow comfortable long term seating capable of emergency activity.

What difference do they make to the work of doctors and nurses?

The OHS considerations of staff are paramount in our designs. In our award winning treatment chair range, the Thompson chair can be raised to a safe working height for staff to eliminate bending. And at the touch of a button, it can be lowered to emergency positions where, for example, CPR can be safely performed in the chair. In all cases, the safety of the carer is paramount. Without them, the patients' wellbeing is in jeopardy.

What are the most standard features that you can find on the chairs?

  • The quality manufacture of frames for long term serviceability
  • Quality foam for long term sitting comfort
  • User friendly designs
  • Task specific designs
  • Economical pricing
  • Full customer support

How important is it for you to provide a high level of service to your customers?

Pre-sales demonstrations, after sales in-Service training and regular follow-ups are critical elements to our sales process. Naturally, after sales service and preventative maintenance contracts are all a part of ensuring follow-up sales.