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Hearing Aid - Dual

Supplier: AudioClinic

Dual gives you excellent sound quality in a range of different sound environments, particularly in situations where there are groups of people.

Price Guide: POA

Dual hearing aids are the ideal choice if you regularly attend events or meetings, or if you simply love getting together with friends and family.

Not only does Dual offer you high performance, it also looks great. The 'brains' of the device sit in a small, moulded unit behind the ear while the speaker sits inside the ear, making Dual virtually invisible.

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'Spatial Sound' technology

Many people with hearing loss have trouble telling where speech and other noises are coming from. Dual offers you Spatial Sound, which is to hearing aids what high definition digital images are to TVs - with extra 'audio pixels' you will be able to instinctively identify the source of sounds.

Dual also captures a wider range of sounds than any other traditional hearing aid available, particularly the higher frequencies that are so important to understanding speech. Conversations will be clearer and music far richer.

With Dual, you can:

  • Enjoy dining out in busy restaurants
  • Communicate clearly and with confidence in meetings
  • Instinctively know the source of sounds
  • Integrate your phone, TV and other devices using the brilliant ConnectLine technology

Ask your AudioClinic hearing clinician to demonstrate Dual and you'll be able to hear the difference for yourself.