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Height adjustable desks accommodate ergonomic needs of Ambulance NSW

Supplier: Ergomotion
08 March, 2013

The Ambulance NSW in Dubbo have updated their Emergency Call Centre Desks with the Motiondesk™ electric height adjustable sit to stand desk frame

Ergomotion has supplied their Motiondesk™ electric height adjustable sit stand desk frames to the Ambulance Service of NSW for their Emergency Control Room desks in Dubbo NSW. Like most 24 hour control rooms these height adjustable desks are for multiple users that spend a lot of time at their desks and need to have the ease and range of adjustment to suit their specific requirements when working at the desk.

The Ambulance Service had existing electric height adjustable desks that due to age were continuously failing and in need of repair. The Ambulance Service was looking for an option that would fix this problem, result in as little down time as possible and still give them, at a minimum, the same functionality as before.

The Ergomotion Motiondesk™ electric height adjustable desk frames were retro fitted to the existing desks, where the original mechanism used was reaching the end of its life. The original mechanisms we completely replaced with the Motiondesk™ electric height adjustable desk frame. Monitor arms were also added to the existing monitors allowing the users to adjust the height and reach of each individual monitor.

The outcome was a completely new desk utilizing the existing top and equipment, thereby reducing costs, for a completely new fit out, while still maintaining an ergonomic, healthy and productive Emergency Response Centre.

Ergomotion has supplied and installed its Motiondesk™ (electric height adjustable ergonomic desks) in the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) Training Room of the Ambulance Service of NSW (ASNSW).

The training room prepares trainee Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMD's) in the use of the systems they will use in the live environment.

The ASNSW has attempted to accommodate the different ergonomic needs (heights, builds and postures) of the trainees by using the electrically operated height adjustable desks.

Motiondesk™ height adjustable desks are especially useful for shorter and taller than average people due to the range of height adjustment. Standard desks are not easily modified to suit the individual user especially if different people regularly need to use the workstation.

The Motiondesk™ height adjustable desk caters for these variations and offers the user quick and easy adjustment to suit themselves and their specific needs.