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Heliox28is a gas mixture of nominally 28% Oxygen in Helium. Heliox28 is colourless and odourless with Oxygen being the active ingredient.

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Helium is an inert gas with low chemical activity.

It is supplied as a gas mixture at high pressure in metal or metal fibre cylinders. Helium is an asphyxiant in the absence of Oxygen.

Uses of Medical Gases - Heliox28:

Heliox28 is used to reduce the work of breathing. Used to assist the flow of Oxygen into the alveoli of patients with severe respiratory obstruction and to prevent atelectasis.

Heliox28 can be effective in treating symptoms associated with airway obstruction resulting from a number of disease processes such as croup, epiglottis, laryngitis, asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis or therapeutic interventions such as post extubation or bronchoscopy.

Heliox28 is used to:

  • Manage large airway obstructions such as tumours, severe exacerbation’s of asthma, acute bronchiolitis, serious croup, post extubation stridor, and COPD
  • Decrease peak and mean airway pressures during acute asthma attacks
  • Decrease work of breathing, both inspiratory and expiratory by decreasing airway resistance
  • Decrease minute ventilation, Carbon Dioxide production and Oxygen consumption in patient’s with COPD
  • Prevent endotracheal tube intubation in patients leaning toward impending respiratory failure

Indications for Medical Gases - Heliox28:

Heliox28 is indicated in treatment of symptoms associated with respiratory or airway obstruction including dyspnoea, hypoxia, acidosis, hypercapnia, and fatigue associated with the work of breathing and with exercise. It is also indicated in preventative treatment of atelectasis.

The specific circumstances for administration and the duration of use of Heliox28 is at the discretion of the attendant physician.

Contraindications for Medical Gases - Heliox28:

There are no absolute contraindications to the use of Oxygen but the inspired concentration should be limited in the case of premature infants and patients with chronic bronchitis and emphysema or whose respiration is dependent upon hypoxic drive.

Heliox28 should not be used where high diffusivity might exacerbate conditions, such as with artificial, traumatic or spontaneous pnuemothorax or sub-cutaneous emphysema.

Dosage & Administration of Medical Gases - Heliox28:

Heliox28 is administered by inhalation through the lungs. Heliox28 should only be administered by medical personnel trained in the appropriate techniques.

The method of administration is to supply Heliox28 directly from the sleeve index outlet connected to a ventilator, nebuliser or inhaler with face mask attached. Can also be connected via the barbed tail outlet via a non-rebreathing face mask.

Equipment for Medical Gases - Heliox28:

Heliox28 Inhalo system incorporates valve, regulator and flowmeter. No other equipment is required.

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