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Help a friend or family member

Supplier: AudioClinic
14 May, 2010

Sometimes people don't realise that they have hearing loss because the deterioration in their hearing has occurred gradually.

Others don't want to acknowledge they have a hearing problem as they think it's a sign of getting old.

Once a hearing problem is treated, most people are amazed at how much easier it is to participate fully in life.

Often the family and close friends of someone with hearing loss are more aware of the difficulties caused by hearing loss than the person himself. They can see how they're missing out on being part of social events and everyday conversation, and they also often have to compensate by repeating themselves or putting up with the TV or radio turned up too loudly.

If you have a friend or relative who you think might be suffering from hearing loss, we'd like to help. We'll send them a complementary copy of our booklet The Australian Guide to Hearing Services which contains useful information on hearing health and includes the range of treatments and financial assistance available.

For a copy of this handy booklet call your local AudioClinic on 1800 057 220.

Please note that you should have a friend or family member’s consent to provide information about their health.