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High Tech Health

High Tech Health is an Australian family owned and operated company committed to providing solutions for sports performance and injury, disease prevention and treatment, and health maintenance and improvement through the use of energy medicine.

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The Sunshine Coast based company was established in 1999 and has since experienced exceptional growth. In 2004, High Tech Health launched itself in the United Kingdom. 2005 saw High Tech Health named as a finalist in the QLD Telstra Small Business Awards.

High Tech Health sources and distributes innovative health and medical products that are both effective and affordable. Stewart Penny, New Products Development Manager, says, “We have established a reputation as the distributor of health and medical products that ‘really work very well?for the user. In considering potential new products we want to know that they really are as effective as they seem, are affordable and value for money, and have the potential to make a positive difference across the wider community.?Despite only having a limited number of products in our range, the product mix provides quite a significant and diverse coverage of health and sports concerns.

High Tech Health was the first company to introduce Far Infrared Saunas to the Australian market. We have now grown to be the largest supplier of this increasingly popular therapy with our Detox Box?range.

High Tech Health’s rapidly expanding customer base spans Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Japan. We proudly supply to some of the world’s leading wellness centres, health clinics and medical practitioners. Our customers include everyone from professional athletes, health conscious people of all ages and those combating serious illness.

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