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Hip Protectors

Supplier: Pelican Manufacturing

Our soft foam Hip Protectors are designed to help prevent breaking the Greater Trochanter bone for elderly people who are at risk of falling.

Price Guide: AUD $35

Hip Protector Pads have been used for many years to help prevent hip fractures. By using Hip Protector Pads, some people who are in danger of falling may be saved from a break, or after a hip replacement operation, the Hip Protector Pads may prevent another operation. Pelican Hip Protector Pads are designed to partly absorb and redistribute the impact of a fall, particularly around the Greater Trochanter area to protect the bone.

We manufacture and supply two designs of Pants - the original boxer short design, and also an "Access" design. Both are available in male and females styles. The Access design reduces the amount of manual handling required by carers, because the Pants can be left in place when incontinence pads are changed.

A feature of the Pelican Hip Protector Pads is special black foam on the inside. This breathable foam keeps the Hip Protector Pad slightly away from the skin to help the skin to breathe. As they may be worn 24 hours a day, it is important they are comfortable. This black foam has a coarse texture that will grip to the inside of the pant pocket to keep the pad in place inside the pocket, but it will still be soft against the skin.

The Pelican Hip Protector Pants have two pockets sewn on to the polycotton underpants. The Hip Protector Pads are made from a firm but pliable foam, shaped to fit over the Greater Trochanter. Some people will sleep with the Hip Protector in position, so the Pads can be removed from the pockets to go into a clean pair of pants, during the day or at night. After pulling on the pants, ensure the Hip Protector Pads are located over the Greater Trochanter by pressing a finger through the central hole of the Pad.


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