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HoverApps | HT-Roller Lateral Turning Device | HoverTech

Supplier: HMS Medical

The HoverApps HT-Roller Lateral Turning Device allows caregivers to turn and reposition patients quickly and comfortably.

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Frequent turning and positioning is critical for bed-bound patients, yet it is often challenging for caregivers to manage these patient handling tasks that require significant time and effort. To address these concerns, HoverTech has designed the HT-RollerTM Lateral Turning Device for easy and efficient lateral patient turning. The HT-RollerTM comprises two inflatable chambers that are controlled by the clinician to achieve optimal positioning for patient care. By eliminating the need for manual lifting, the HT-RollerTM protects both the staff from injury and the patient from friction and shearing associated with traditional repositioning methods.

HoverApps® HT-RollerTM Device Benefits:

  • Turning chambers provide periodic pressure relief from bony prominences
  • Adjustable positioning facilitates better access for hygiene and wound care applications
  • Quick release valves allow for rapid deflation of turning chambers
  • Breathable fabric prevents moisture build-up and enhances patient comfort
  • Disposable device eliminates the need for reprocessing and reduces potential for cross contamination
  • Variable speed Air Supply allows caregiver to control inflation for patient safety and comfort
  • Weight limit on the HT-RollerTM is 272kg.

Product Specifications

  • Material Specs
    • Non-woven polypropylene fibre
    • RF welding on all seams
    • Latex free
  • Dimensions
    • Chambers: 112cm L x 112cm W (combined chamber width)
    • Apron: 112cm L x 178cm W
  • Model Number
    • MHHT-R-BX5
  • Packaging
    • 5 per box

Compatible with HoverTech Air Suppliesz
MHHT-AIR2300 (Variable Speed - 230 V)