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How Radsafe radiation protection aprons are made

Supplier: RadSafe
23 October, 2017

Making Australia's #1 radiation protection isn't an easy feat.

Our team work hard to ensure the apron you receive is both the highest quality and offers extremely high radiation protection. Our aprons are all machine cut, handmade, and quality assured.


  • 1. Ordered Online - Our RadSafe website features a market leading Apron Designer tool allowing you to easily create and order your apron online.
  • 2. Pattern Designed - Our tailors are constantly working on ways to improve the ergonomics and features of our apron designs.
  • 3. Nesting & Cutting - Our patterns are nested and fabrics cut via computer to minimise waste and ensure a perfect cut every time.
  • 4. Adding Accessories - In this stage additional accessories are gathered and sewn onto the apron, such as pockets, belts, embroidery or labels.
  • 5. Attach Core Material - The protective core material (lead or non-lead) has been cut to the same pattern, and is stacked and stitched together.
  • 6. Bindings - With all the accessories now in place, the binding is stitched to the edge of the garment for a clean finish.
  • 7. Quality Assurance - The garment now has to pass a strict Quality Assurance check where stitching, fasteners, straps, and more are checked.
  • 8. Pack & Dispatch - The apron is now placed and packed carefully into our iconic RadSafe boxes and taken to our warehouse to ship to your location.


The below video outlines just some of the steps to achieve the perfect radiation protection garment. Follow a Comfortwear Apron from the ordering phase to the delivery phase and all the hard work in-between.