How the Bolt On electric drive power pack is changing trolleys

Supplier: Lockelec Innovation
18 January, 2018

Here’s a question for you: what’s better than a standard trolley?

A motorised trolley.

Lockelec Innovations is always committed to design excellence, quality manufacturing and of course, an innovative approach.

Purchase the Bolt On Electric Drive Power Pack as an independent unit and reap the rewards of an efficient and reliable motorised system. All you need to do is to attach the Bolt On electric drive to your existing trolley and you’re away. It’s that simple!

The Bolt On system has been designed for use on any kind of trolley – medication cart trolleys, library trolleys, bank coin trolleys, motorised tea trolleys, stock delivery trolleys, linen trolleys, flat bed trolleys, scissor lift trolleys, food trolleys, hot and cold trolleys and so on.

Developed over a number of years, this power pack is reliable, durable and offers consistent performance, day-in day-out. We’ve outlined a couple of its key features below:

  • The Bolt On’s floating drive suspension system maintains constant traction over tricky surfaces – this allows for easier trolley operation in tight spaces.
  • Its automatic braking feature allows users to take their hand off the throttle – this sees the trolley come to a resting position when the park brake is activated.
  • With a long battery life and a 6 hour recharge period, this electric drive power pack system maximises productivity levels.

Most importantly, the Bolt On will increase staff productivity and make things easier for your team and in turn, boost morale. Additionally, the risk of staff hurting themselves on the job due to physical exertion, strain or fatigue is lessened.

In any industry, the loss of a skilled and dedicated team member due to injury can act as a real blow so why even take the risk? We’ve seen the consequences time and time again in our 30 years’ worth of experience. 

This is an ideal product for Australian trolley manufacturers so if you’d like more information about the Bolt On electric drive power pack, please contact us.