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How to choose fractional CO2 lasers

Supplier: DermapenWorld by Equipmed
23 April, 2012

CO2 Lasers have a long history of surgical cutting and skin resurfacing work.

CO2 Lasers have a long history of surgical cutting and skin resurfacing work. Due to their high attraction to water, they act immediately on the surface cells to vaporise the cellular fluid and cut their way down. CO2 was popular in the 1990's, however it carried with it a risk of scarring and depigmentation when used over-enthusiastically.

Depigmentation was noticeable as a ‘tidemark' around the jaw and an unnatural colour of the facial skin. This led to CO2 lasers falling out of popularity, however CO2 laser use is growing again, due to the introduction of Fractional CO2.

Fractional CO2 could be likened to placing a sieve in front of the laser beam to allow only tiny beams to pass and vaporise the skin, thus leaving little islands of skin intact. These ‘islands’ provide the melanin cells that migrate and repopulate the vaporised columns, overcoming the early CO2 depigmentation problems.

In the case of the Sphere CO2, high speed electronic scanning allows the tiny beams to move around the spot size and thus reduces the amount of hot spots and discomforts that a ‘sieving’ method incurs.

Sphere CO2

New advances in fractional lasers such as the Sphere CO2 have introduced smart technology to calculate skin moisture and provide related cautions and contraindications.

Sphere CO2 is a smart alternative to the overpriced fractional devices from the heavily marketed companies. Its quality is assured by the USA-made RF-Driver and Galvano motor systems, which are designed to last a lifetime. Sphere CO2 puts the operator in full control of the entire laser’s parameters and eliminates the costly consumables associated with some other fractional devices.

Four modes are available with Sphere CO2:


Delivers accurate and varied treatments in operation, utilising the Ultra Pulse, Super Pulse and Continuous Wave (CW) functions. Fine 70um cuts available.


There are more than 3,000 scanning modes in various sizes, shapes, directions and densities available, allowing for excellent cosmetic outcomes.


Calculates skin moisture to one decimal point and provides contraindications and cautions.


Allows the physician to accurately treat by automatically selecting skin type and lesion on the patient.

Sphere CO2 is an ideal treatment for:

a) Neck areas (turtle neck and pigmentation)

b) Scars; particularly acne scars

c) Crow's feet around the eyes

d) Lower lid area

e) General skin resurfacing

f) Straight CO2 ablation of warts, skin tags etc with the alternate hand piece supplied

g) Fine cutting procedures, such as for blephs


Sphere CO2 is a recommended solution for low investment, low running cost, fractional and CW treatments. It has the added advantage of ‘smart technology’ skin analysis.

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