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How to choose hair removal for all colours?

Supplier: Equipmed Ltd By: Chris Equipmed
23 April, 2012

There has been a real need in the cosmetic industry for a product that can remove white, grey, red or thinner hairs that do not respond to laser or IPL.

In these instances there is either insufficient chromophore (i.e. melanin) in the hair, or it is too thin to sufficiently transfer the heat to the surrounding cells.

A new approach was needed that did not use light-based equipment. Ultrasound has been found to be an effective alternative. Selectif has become the industry's first clinically proven ultrasound-based hair removal technology and has won the prestigious Frost & Sullivan European Technology Innovations Award. Selectif works by vibrating the hair at a frequency that causes it to heat to the required 65°C for cell necrosis.

White hair removal

It is estimated that white velous facial fuzz, hormonal facial hair, nose hair, ear hair and hair on sensitive body areas, constitute 20% of the potential hair removal business that is being lost due to the inability to treat. Permanent eyebrow shaping is another potential Selectif treatment area that is not suitable for IPL or Laser, due to the risk of collateral damage.

Hair is individually vibrated by the Selectif hand piece or treated in tufts, in the case of fine velous hair. The number of treatments required is usually more than by laser, due to the low number of anagen hairs in some places (only 15% on the eyebrows) and the deep nature of some of the hair in sensitive areas (up to 6mm deep).


The good news is that there is no pain associated with Selectif treatments. In addition, the unit can pluck out treated hairs so that clients see a clean result at the end of each treatment.


Selectif Ultrasound treatments are a valuable addition to a hair removal clinic's basic tool kit. It allows the clinician to tap into an additional area of the market and service their client’s complete needs. Selectif is synergistic with the Sphere810 diode laser to create a fast and effective complete hair removal treatment.

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