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How to choose microdermabrasion

Supplier: Equipmed Ltd By: Chris Equipmed
23 April, 2012

It’s hard to compare apples with apples when we talk about the DermaSweep, there really is no other ‘bristle-technology’ product like it.

Clinics are no doubt familiar with Microdermabrasion (also full Dermabrasion), however DermaSweep is the next generation of abrasion that incorporates Dermal Infusion; where wet and dry microdermabrasion is included as a standard feature.

True Dermal Infusion occurs simultaneously with the abrasion, whilst the skin is still vulnerable. Infusing the skin after abrasion is not as effective (as seen with water abrasion units), as the skin’s natural defence is to close up to protect itself, therefore not absorbing the infusion.

DermaSweep is well tolerated by clients, as Dermal Infusion is a cool process that does away with old generation ‘sandblasting’ by crystals, or diamond abrasion heads that scratch and clog with keratin. DermaSweep uses ‘Bristle Technology’, with bristle tips graded according to the depth of treatment required. Imagine, Microdermabrasion on large areas of the body. Now it’s possible with DermaSweep, as the special ‘body head’ tip also comes standard.

Infusion Serums

DermaSweep has a range of beneficial serums to infuse into the skin, such as Hyaluronic Serum, Vitamin C, Salicylic and Glycolic Acid (to name a few).

Available infusion serums assist in treating:

a) Early ageing lines

b) Pre-PDT preparation

c) Hypo-pigmentation

d) Acne

e) Uneven skin texture

f) Scars

g) Photo damage

h) Overall skin health

Bristle Tips

The eight varieties of face and body bristle tips have advantages over diamond tips in their ability to grade the amount of abrasion without applying variable pressures. In addition, they allow the use of suction to draw the skin to the tip whilst letting the fluid pass through into the skin. The excess fluid and keratin is then drained away through the bristles.


Air-borne pathogens are a thing of the past as even when fluids are not being used, the keratin is collected through a Hepa filter. DermaSweep is also much safer to use than crystals, which can create ‘holes’ in the skin that require extra care.

By having both Dry and Wet Abrasion modalities, your clinic can compete on both, a price point to the market, while having the flexibility of being able to collect on the premium services of Dermal Infusion. This makes the DermaSweep the undoubted product of choice.


DermaSweep allows clinics to offer a wider range of treatment options to improve their customer’s skin on the face or body, and is a significant advancement on existing Microdermabrasion treatments. The treatment differentiation from DermaSweep Dermal Infusion will help clinics stand out from the crowd and help improve revenue streams.

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