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How to choose tattoo removal equipment

Supplier: DermapenWorld by Equipmed By: Chris, Equipmed
23 April, 2012

Apart from being expensive, lasers carry some downside risks such as burns and the depositing of paint particles in the body's organs.

Tatt2Away is a modern version of an old technique for removing tattoos. The removal of tattoo pigments using this technique is described as Trans Epidermal Pigment Release (TEPR).

How tattoos are created

To understand tattoo removal, we need to take a closer look at how a tattoo is created: Tattoo pigments are deposited in the skin using needles which introduce them at a range of depths.

The epidermis is disrupted by the process and heals afterwards in the manner of a graze or superficial burn by re-epithelialisation. Any pigment deposited in the epidermis is lost in this process, and as the epidermal cells mature and are naturally shed in a constant, normal biological process.

Tattoo pigments remaining in the dermis are either phagocytosed and eliminated by the immune system, or taken up by fibroblasts.

Being intracellular, the pigment is protected from further elimination by the immune system and therefore remains, pigmenting the skin when seen by an external observer through the translucent layers above. To get the ink out, it either has to be expelled from the cells or those cells have to be removed.

Tatt2Away and TEPR

Understanding alternate methods of tattoo removal and how the skin heals will help in understanding how TEPR works. TEPR utilises the theory of partial thickness wound healing in a modified form. Its advance is to rely upon small surface area, closely spaced, partial thickness injuries with intervening skin bridges of intact epidermis and dermis.

TEPR techniques first create circular patches of de-epithelialised skin approximately 5mm in diameter, in a pattern which covers the area of tattoo. Its closely packed, medical grade micro-needles are set to precise user-defined penetration depths. These de-epithelialised patches expose the underlying dermis, into which a proprietary solution is introduced.

The needles facilitate penetration of the dermis to a defined depth and the solution causes coagulative necrosis of the dermis, similar to a thermal burn. Tissue necrosis occurs until the solution is neutralised and a partial thickness injury is created in the skin to a depth which includes all the tattoo-pigmented dermis.

The coagulated layer of dermis rapidly forms a scab of necrotic skin. This dries over the course of a day. The wound healing then proceeds around and under the scab, which separates spontaneously (drops off the skin) after approximately two weeks.

Using the 5mm “dot” technique, the whole area of the tattoo may be progressively and sequentially covered with dots, and removed, in a small number of sessions.


Tatt2Away is a new and clever way of removing tattoos, including all colours of ink, without the cost and downsides of using lasers. This product is cost effective for all sizes of clinics.


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