How to use the adjustable head rest to treat the Scalene and SCM with Stuart Hinds

23 Dec 2020

How to use the adjustable head rest to treat the Scalene and SCM with Stuart Hinds

"In this video, we showcase the ability of the Adjustable Headrest available on Pro-Lift Access and Venus models for Anterior neck Treatments.

Treating Cervical Myofascial Dysfunction almost always includes treating the muscle length imbalance between the Flexors and Extensors. I seem to see more and more of these issues with people spending so much time in front of screens for work and pleasure. 

Both the upper and lower Cervical regions are of concern

  • Excessive upper Cervical flexion ( phones/tablet use ) can predispose to occipital headache symptoms
  • Mid/lower Cervical flexion ( computers/laptop) develops the forward head positions that predisposes the muscle length imbalance of the flexors and extensors. 

The Flexors & Lateral Flexors such as Sternocleidomastoid & Scalenes muscles will become short, tight and this will potentially restrict the patient's range of movement in rotation, lateral flexion and extension. Not only that, it predisposes cleints to Myofascial tension headaches and or Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. It can also cause Myofascial pain from super sensitive trigger point activity in these muscles.

The Adjustable Headrest is a God send in being able to treat and challenge these tissues by positioning your clients into extension easily, safely and securely. This why Athlegen have once again thought about the versatility for both the practitioner but also the client's


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Stuart Hinds is a massage therapist with over 27 years of experience. Some of the patients he has treated include Olympic athletes and elite sportspeople. 

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