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How to write a Product Article

Supplier: Industracom
12 September, 2013

A good Product Article (also known as a product release or review) can effectively communicate your offering to potential buyers. This can be extremely powerful in generating interest and exposure for your business. If your company provides services you can use the exact same methodologies below.

Optimising for search engines

You want to optimise your Product Release so it will achieve maximum exposure. Use Google's Keyword Planner to find the most highly searched keyword phrases relating to the product. Pick one or two popular phrases and include them throughout your product article, including the subject and body.

Product or Service Name

The headline is the most important aspect of your product release. It will attract the reader and drive traffic to the item.

The headline is also the most important aspect for search engine optimisation.

  • Include your product name and basic application in the headline
  • It should be a maximum of 50 characters in total
  • Your targeted keywords must be in your headline
  • Place the most important keywords first

"Industrial Fibre Optic Modem | ACME Model MR-22"

The product’s name, its function, your brand and the part number have all been mentioned. Targeted keywords may be "industrial fibre optic modem", "MR-22" or "ACME". By including the brand name in the title you are also increasing brand recognition.


The product introduction contains the most important information in 25 words or less. Grab the attention of your reader. Include your targeted keywords from your headline. Include your company name, product name, part number and function, application or benefit of the product. This will help your article perform in search engines and quickly describe the main message of your product release.


Keep sentences and paragraphs short. This fits in the style of writing content for the web, which is short, concise and keyword targeted. Readers will be able to quickly scan your article to find 'keywords' they are looking for. This is also helps search engine optimisation. Mention your targeted keywords at least twice in your body.

Your first few paragraphs should answer the who, what, when, where and how questions. When describing your product remember to include its features, functions and benefits.

Bullets points and bolded text, if used sparingly, can make the information easier to navigate.


Summarise the key benefits and fetaures of your product and include a call to action.

Storefront suggestions:

  • Categorise your product to ensure it is viewed by our subscribers and visitors. Create custom categories and maintain a Product Directory in your Storefront.
  • Pictures - Uploading one or more good product images promotes your product effectively and generates results.