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Hybrid Prosthetics - synOcta Bar Prosthetics

Supplier: Straumann

Bar restorations,50 years and still top.

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The bar restoration ensures that the denture is held securely while providing primary splinting of the implants at the same time. This has the advantage that the forces are distributed evenly and the implants are thus loaded less.

When the Dolder bar principle is employed, three degrees of freedom occur, which also "spare" the implants and enable resilient denture support.

If several bar segments are treated with matrices ("bar riders"), a so-called bar attachment is obtained.


  • Fixation of overdentures on 4.1 and 4.8 mm diameter implants. When four implants splinted by a bar are used, the 3.3 mm diameter implants can also be used

Features & Benefits

  • Octagon in the tapered connection with the implant (synOcta)
    • For secure and flexible (re)positioning of individual abutments in the implant
  • Planning kit
    • All synOcta abutments are available as dimensionally accurate plastic parts for optimal planning of the restoration in the articulator
  •  Primary splinting
    •  Optimal load distribution on the implants
  •  Dolder principle
    • Additional mucosal support through three degrees of freedom
  •  Adjustable matrices
    •  Individual adaptation to patient's needs