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Hydroflo, a Matrix success story

Supplier: Matrix Surgical
03 April, 2013

First developed in 2001, it has grown exponentially to now be a regular in a many operating theatres around the country and also in New Zealand.

HydroFlo, the suction/irrigation device supplied by Matrix Surgical is a home-grown success story.

In the development phase a consulting industrial designer was engaged to develop drawings for the tooling to mould handpieces and pistons in consultation with a selected moulding company.

The design was approved by the TGA and we were able to test the product in the marketplace, and so the evolution of the product began.

Initially, we produced single- and double-spiked tubing sets only, later adding a disposable suction/irrigation probe as well as a variety of reusables. The sets are manufactured in 3 metre and 7.5metre lengths.

Most of the components used in the manufacture of HydroFlo are produced right here in Victoria, and the sets are assembled and sterilized in Australia, allowing us to keep a close eye on quality and workmanship. We are proud of that fact and believe that it sets us apart from many of our competitors.

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