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THELMA stands for Transactional Health Exchange Linking Multiple Applications. THELMA sits in the middle of the health industry. Using the Internet, THELMA connects the different types of software and technology platforms that have evolved in the industry.

The intelligence built into THELMA enables the exchange of real-time information and complex business transactions between parties such as hospitals, health funds, Medicare Australia, specialists, General Practitioners, ancillary providers and diagnostic providers.

What Services Does THELMA Provide?

The services currently offered by THELMA are:
Real time eligibility checking to health insurance funds in Australia
Real time informed financial consent
Electronic hospital accommodation claims to health insurance funds in Australia
Medical claiming to Medicare Australia
Medical claiming to health insurance funds in Australia
Medical claiming to health insurance funds in the United Kingdom

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ICSGlobal Limited is a global eHealth solution provider. The company was founded in 1990 and is now publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:ICS). Our core business is the ownership and operation of the unique "any-to-any" health industry clearing house technology THELMA (Transaction Health Exchange Linking Multiple Applications). THELMA creates interoperability between the broad range of new and legacy software systems that typically exist in health systems. This enables health industry business partners to conduct financial, clinical and administrative transactions electronically over the Internet.

The THELMA service is based on a hub model. For a hospital, this means that it can deal with all of THELMA's partner funds using one streamlined process after undertaking only one implementation.

THELMA has been built to be able to accept claim data in any format from a hospital, and then deliver it to the various funds in the format that each has specified. The different requirements of the funds are managed by THELMA, rather than the hospital.

THELMA can connect into any Patient Administration Systems (PAS). THELMA currently processes hospital claims from the major Patient Administration Systems in Australia including iPM/Pims, IBA/IBA Pas, BJS, Homer, CCOS and Matash.

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