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Implantable Collamer Lens | Visian™ ICL

Supplier: Ellex Medical) Limited

Made from collamer, the Visian™ ICL is one of the latest technological advancements in vision correction.

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The Visian™ ICL is a long-lasting solution for refractive error and offers excellent quality of vision.

The surgical procedure for the Visian ICL is similar to the procedure used to implant IOLs for the treatment of cataracts except the Visian ICL rests in front of the eye’s lens, leaving it intact.

The refractive lens is gently inserted into a syringe and injected through a 3.0mm temporal, clear corneal incision. The lens then gently unfolds in the eye. Footplates on the lens are used to manipulate the lens posterior to the iris plane and into the sulcus.

Quality of vision

The Visian™ ICL produces not only improved visual acuity (20/20 vision is considered normal visual acuity), but also excellent visual quality. Many patients experience the “Wow” factor when they experience the immediate improvement in the quality of their vision.


Collamer, the 100 percent pure collagen copolymer lens material of the Visian™ ICL, is not viewed as a foreign object by the body’s immune system.


The Visian™ ICL offers a wider treatment range for myopia than LASIK and PRK procedures.


Unlike traditional contact lenses, once the Visian™ ICL is implanted in the eye; no additional maintenance needed.


The Visian™ ICL was designed to be permanently placed in the eye. However, the lens can be removed if a patient’s vision changes or if it otherwise needs to be removed or replaced.