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Incontinence: A Non-Surgical Solution

Supplier: Getz Healthcare Australia
13 March, 2013

Automatically perform kegel muscle exercises and return to an active lifestyle free of incontinence. Never use incontinence pads again.

The itouch Sure is a Pelvic Muscle Trainer that can strengthen the pelvic floor, reducing or curing the effects of urge, stress and mixed incontinence. A tiny, safe, electrical current is delivered through an intra-vaginal probe causing the contraction of the Pelvic Floor Muscle, mimicking the effects of performing kegel muscle exercises.

Pelvic Muscle Trainers like the itouch Sure are a clinically approved way help perform you perform Kegel Muscle Exercises regularly and effortlessly, improving continence, sexual intimacy and helping you return to an active life.

1 in 5 women experience incontinence.

Discover the Easy, Non-Surgical Solution to this Common Condition.

Comfortable stimulation

The strength of the stimulation increases gradually, making the feeling very comfortable and in your control.

Easy start - one touch memory

The itouch SURE has intelligent memory that enables the unit to remember the last programme and the strength setting used.  At the press of only one button the strength level returns to 75% of the last level used.

Clinically tested programs

The programmes which have been pre set into the unit have been clinically tested and proven to be highly effective.

Safety duration override

A safety override feature has been incorporated into the itouch SURE to ensure that the pelvic floor muscle is not overworked. This is set at twenty minutes, after which time the unit will switch off. It is possible to alter the time in order to customise the unit to your needs.

Usage memory

The itouch SURE has a Usage Memory which shows the length of time that the unit has been in use and the average level of strength utilised.


The itouch sure comes complete with a discreet tampon shaped probe for the exercise of the pelvic floor muscle.Other sizes and shapes are available.

Improved sexual health

Regular exercising of the Pelvic Floor Muscle can improve sexual intercourse by strengthening control and reducing pain, especially for post-pregnancy women.
How pelvic muscle trainers works

1 in 5 women in Australia will suffer from incontinence, a debilitating and embarrassing condition which causes suffers to lose control, mobility, and self-esteem. This common condition is caused by the weakening of the Pelvic Floor Muscles and is often triggered by stress or childbirth.

The only non-surgical method of treating this form on incontinence is through the exercising of the pelvic floor, traditionally through a method called Kegel Muscle Exercising. Although pelvic floor exercises produce the best results, once your muscle has lost its tone it can be very difficult to do voluntary exercise properly.
The itouch Sure, through a vaginal probe or pads, sends a gentle stimulation to your pelvic floor muscle using clinically recognised programmes to exercise your muscle for you, and helps to develop your own muscle control. It is also possible to treat faecal incontinence in both males and females using an anal probe. If in doubt contact your continence adviser before using the itouch Sure.

Just use itouch Sure for 20 minutes every day. Like all forms of exercise, it may take some weeks for you to feel a benefit. Complete with Liberty internal contact electrode for single patient use.

Max Intensity  100mA zero to peak +ve in steps of 0.5mA* Constant current over 500-1500 Ohm.
How to train your pelvic floor muscles

On Your Back

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet and knees slightly apart. Tighten your pelvic floor around your vagina and back passage and lift up as if you are stopping yourself passing water and wind at the same time.
Sitting down

Sit in a chair with your knees slightly apart and tighten your pelvic floor muscles around your vagina and back passage.

Stand with your feet apart and tighten and lift your pelvic floor muscles around your vagina and back passage.
Whilst walking

Lift your pelvic floor slightly whilst walking to use the muscles during movement.
During Sex

During sex tighten your pelvic floor muscle occasionally to give both you and your man increased pleasure.