Incontinence in residential care facilities

Supplier: Tena Australia
08 November, 2012

Improve continence care with Plan, Coach, Monitor.

The total TENA offer means that you have the support of not only our innovative products, but you also have access to world class services and an experienced team.  Services is just one way that we help you deliver Better care at a lower total cost.  That's the TENA promise.

We understand that good-practice individualised continence care doesn’t just happen overnight. And it’s also a continuous process. You need to plan for it with identified areas for improvement, coach and support staff while making these improvements, and then monitor the results to see where you are. Then repeat the process with further improvements.

That’s why TENA Services is split into three key steps: Plan, Coach and Monitor.

TENA Services for Nursing Homes


  • Locate and quantify improvements
  • Reveal the hidden costs of continence care
  • Specify the way forward in an Action Plan


  • Puts the action into the Action Plan
  • Support staff in their daily work
  • Ensure individualised incontinence care


  • Measure and improve efficiency
  • Track ‘Cost & Care’ improvements
  • Show deviations and suggest actions