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Information for GPs

Supplier: AudioClinic
14 May, 2010

More than 3.5 million Australians live with hearing loss, including one in three of your patients over 60.


Many of these people don't proactively address their hearing loss and his can lead to:

  • Social and psychological problems
  • Some hearing impaired people also experience physical problems

The importance of hearing as part of a holistic health regimen cannot be overstated. Much research has been conducted into the additional impact that poor hearing may have on patients' wellbeing. Conditions such as anxiety and depression have been directly and regularly linked to hearing loss.

It's not just a patient with hearing loss who suffers but also his / her family and friends. On average, it takes a patient seven years to seek help for hearing loss, so the best thing that you can do as a GP is have information on hand for your patients when they are ready to take the first step towards better hearing.

At AudioClinic, we are committed to reducing the impact of hearing loss by providing the best available hearing care services and hearing aids.

The AudioClinic promise is 'excellence in hearing care' by providing:

  • A comprehensive report about a patient's hearing assessment results and treatment
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Free hearing checks for all Australians over 21 years of age
  • Hearing care services in over 180 locations nation-wide
  • Tailored solutions for every client

For more information about our hearing care services or to receive a free Information Pack please click here. The requested resources will be sent to you within a week or so.

Identification of hearing loss in medical practice
The psychology of hearing loss is complex and many factors come into play, such as denial of the condition, reluctance to seek treatment for the condition, stigma of wearing a hearing aid and association with old age. Detecting hearing loss can be made more difficult owing to these factors.

Often it's useful to ask some key questions of your patients in order to determine if they are suffering hearing loss. These questions can form part of an overall examination in addition to examining a particular health complaint:

  • Do you find hearing in group environments increasingly frustrating?
  • Do you find you have the TV up too loud?
  • Do you ever have ringing or buzzing in your ears?
  • Do your family and friends tell you that you might have a hearing problem?

If a patient's answers to these questions indicate hearing loss, you should consider screening your patient using an electronic Hearing Screener. You can order a free AudioScreener now click here.

For further information or resources, please freecall AudioClinic on 1800 057 220.