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Supplier: Admedus
02 July, 2014

The acquisition of our new state-of-the-art bio-manufacturing facility in Perth will facilitate the up-scale production of CardioCel® and future products from our regenerative tissue product pipeline with the future capability to manufacture tissue bio-implants for other companies.

MTA's Zinzan Cunningham talks with Lee Rodne, Managing Director at Admedus, an Australian-listed company focused on bringing world leading medical products and technologies to the global healthcare market.  

Admedus is a unique and growing integrated global healthcare company focused on developing and commercialising Australian-led research and bringing new technologies to market to fill clinical areas of unmet need. This will benefit patients with diseases that currently have no effective treatment or cure.

Admedus' mission is simple - "to improve patient's lives"

Led by directors and senior management with a proven track record, Admedus is at the forefront of new technologies and developments with a number of recent and exciting developments. In Europe and the United States, Admedus has launched CardioCel®, the first of a suite of implantable tissues derived from Admedus’ ADAPT® Tissue Engineering Process. CardioCel® is now being used by cardio-thoracic surgeons to repair a range of cardiovascular defects.

Australian cardiac surgeons were the first to use CardioCel® under the ‘Authorised Prescribers Scheme’, with regulatory approval for the Australian market expected by 2015.

“We source only Australian xenograft material to make CardioCel® and we are very excited about the potential of our Australian manufacturing facility to produce the end product for the world market”, said Mr Rodne. “Australia’s reputation as a quality producer of raw material is another advantage for our business,” he said.

Admedus also has a therapeutic vaccine programme developing Professor Ian Frazer’s novel DNA vaccine technology with recent positive results announced from the interim Phase I study on Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-2). This is an encouraging result for proof of the core vaccine technology which is also being applied to diseases caused by Human Papillomavirus.

Currently there is no cure for genital herpes caused by the HSV-2 virus, with 1 in 6 people in the 14-49 age group in the US having contracted the infection "we aim to make a real difference to the lives of these patients by developing a vaccine that will enhance the ability of the immune system to combat active disease" Mr Rodne said.

"The economic burden of genital HSV infection and resulting complications has been estimated to be greater than $1 billion annually in the USA alone.

OUR FOUR PILLARS – Prevent, Treat, Repair, & Deliver provide Admedus with a unique market position

"Our capabilities across research and development, manufacturing, commercialisation, regulatory and sales and distribution allow us to offer end-to-end medical solutions to our customers and give Admedus a unique market position."

"Few other Australian businesses have proven ability to handle major R&D projects, manufacture specialised devices, gain product approvals globally and market and distribute their products."

"Admedus is recognised as hitting all our stated milestones. We have a solid international footprint and we are proud to say that Admedus is taking its expertise, innovative technologies and medical advances to key markets at home and overseas."

"CardioCel® offers major advantages over other products on the market as it has the potential to avoid repeat surgeries, a major problem for patients, with heart defects, which is caused by the calcification of implanted tissue" says Amedus' CEO Lee Rodne.


We lend our global platform to the healthcare system and use our network to source the best products available.

Admedus also supplies leading edge medical products to the Australian healthcare industry. Admedus has been providing comprehensive healthcare solutions since 2003 with a focus on improving patient management and cost efficiency for both hospitals and private practitioners.

Admedus' international sales and distribution pipelines identify the latest medical product innovations from third party manufacturers. This third party approach means Admedus can use its global reach to ensure that it's product portfolio reflects 'best of category' product chosen from the world's best manufacturers of medical devices.

"We take on only the best products that have clinical advantages over what is already available and we lend our global platform to the Australian healthcare system and use our capabilities to bring hospitals the best products available," said Mr Rodne.

"We are excited that our sales and distribution footprint has expanded outside our traditional base in Australia which gives us the ability to distribute our own and third party products globally in the future," he said.

In Australia, Admedus recently launched the latest hospital infusion solutions, combining smart pump technology with the most advanced features designed to improve hospital efficiency, reduce costs and reduce risk to patients.

"Our tailored infusion solutions range from whole-of-hospital systems where high precision is critical, to smaller ambulatory pumps that get patients mobile more quickly whilst managing pain more effectively" said Mr Rodne.

Admedus has built regionally focused sales, clinical and education teams that offer comprehensive support to customers. In Australia this means that State based staff are easily accessible and on-hand pre and post- sale so support is timely, relevant and focused