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Insulin Infusion Pumps | Animas

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An insulin pump is a device about the size of a mobile phone, worn on your belt or under your clothing, that delivers insulin to your body via a tiny tube and cannula called an infusion set.

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Features & Benefits of Animas Insulin Infusion Pumps :

  • An insulin pump mimics a healthy pancreas by injecting small doses of insulin every 3 minutes
  • When you eat, or when your blood glucose (BG) is high, your pump calculates and delivers the correct amount of insulin. (You must enter your BG and confirm the dosage amount)
  • A pump is able to deliver very small and precise amounts of insulin for better control and fewer BG fluctuations
  • People using an insulin pump have been shown to have a lower HbA1c than those on multiple daily injections. Research shows that the lower the HbA1c, the lower the risk of development and progression of long-term complications like blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, stroke and amputation

Insulin pumps make your life easier:

  • Improved BG control, lower HbA1c levels
  • More flexibility and freedom when eating, sleeping, exercising, travelling and for your daily activities  whatever they are
  • Fewer injections (change the cannula only every 2-3 days)
  • Less hassle than multiple daily injections


The 2020 insulin pump from Animas, a Johnson & Johnson company, is designed to make your life and your diabetes management easier in a way that is precisely tailored to you. It's a small pump that is rugged, durable, easy to use, and has some great special features.

The Animas 2020 insulin pump is an advanced insulin management system that is uniquely individualised to the user. Its design is not just the result of advanced medical and engineering technology actually based on feedback from people who have diabetes. It is important that your pump fits into your life.

Like other pumps, the Animas 2020 pump gives you freedom from injections, as well as the ability to quickly and easily adjust your insulin based on your body's immediate needs.  But unlike other pumps, the Animas 2020 pump is designed with special features to make your life and your control easier in a way that is  precisely tailored to you.

Functions & Set Up:

  •  Automatically calculate a correction bolus based on your personal settings by entering a blood glucose reading.
  • Smallest Basal Rate Adjustment. 0.025U/hr basal rate insulin adjustments for the most precise fine-tuning available. No dilution necessary.
  • Super-Low Bolus Dosing. 0.05 unit increment helps match insulin with food intake.
  • Combo Bolus. Set both a normal and extended bolus for up to 12 hours in one easy step to cover high-fat meals.
  • Helps you manage your blood sugar after you eat.
  • Fast, easy shortcut to the bolus screen with fewer button presses and less scrolling.
  • Insulin on Board. Keeps track of unused bolus insulin to help prevent hypoglycaemia

Personalised Dosing. Optimise your dosing by choosing your own times for your insulin-to-carbohydrate ratios (I:C), Insulin Sensitivity Factors (ISF) and blood glucose targets (BG targets) in 30 minute increments, up to 12 personal settings

Infusion Set-Friendly Compatible with all insulin infusion sets using standard luer lock connectors

ezCarb Food Database -  Create an individualised food database of up to 500 food items right in your pump.

Customisable Basal Programs - Choose the names of your four basal programs to match your insulin needs, lifestyle and activities, such as “weekend”, “karate” or “holiday”

Personalised Audio Notification - Compose your own tune or set to vibrate for most pump alert sounds

Sick Day Quick Reference - Enter quick tims passed on input from your healthcare team to manage your diabetes on sick days

Low Cartridge Warnings -  Customise your pump to give you a warning when there are 10 to 50 units left.

Temporary Basal Rate - Easily reduce or increase your basal rate by the percentage you need and for the length of time you choose Comprehensive Memory. Store your last 500 carbohydrate and blood glucose values, in addition to your previous 500 boluses, 120 daily totals, 30 alarms, 60 primes, 30 suspends and 270 basal records