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iPulse i400 IPL System

Supplier: High Tech Laser

The latest release from iPulse delivers a sleek high-end design with the proven effectiveness of the European designed and built performance of the iPulse technology. The iPulse IPL has an extremely large user base across Australia and New Zealand. For more information contact us on 1300 309 233.

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A Technological Breakthrough

iPulse represents a major new development in Intense Pulsed Light technology —and delivers several dramatic advantages over existing, conventional products in the market place: CyDen's unique 'constant spectral output square pulse' delivers a constant spectrum of light energy resulting in a dramatic increase of efficacy compared to others.

From The Pioneers Of Light Based Treatment

This latest advance comes from the same experts who originated the whole field of light-based hair removal in the early 90’s and who have been at the forefront of the industry ever since. They are the authors of a substantial number of patents in the light-based therapy field, while their products were the first to win US FDA approval for non-ablative wrinkle reduction and the laser treatment of acne.

The Unique Technology Of The iPulse

The unique innovations at the heart of iPulse™ technology are secured by international patents. A combination of scientific developments makes iPulse™ products more effective, smaller and less expensive than competitors. The key difference is a unique power supply technology that enables far greater control over the spectral output. This control enables improved clinical efficacy at lower energy and cost.

These key advantages make iPulse™ products the natural choice and help explain the technology’s worldwide appeal amongst both medical and aesthetic markets.

Square pulse output

All IPL devices use a Xenon flash lamp to create the optimum wavelength of light for treatments. However iPulse™-based devices control the energy delivered to the flash lamp in a way that contrasts dramatically with other less-advanced systems. This control leads to a constant spectrum output or ‘square pulse’ which is critical to improved clinical efficacy.

In conventional IPLs, the current surges through the lamp in a wave and the spectrum output varies during this pulse. At its peak, the light energy is too high, contains too much blue light and must be filtered out. Much of the energy is lost, so treatments are carried out at wastefully high energy levels that can be uncomfortable for the patient, as well as costly to the practitioner.

iPulse™ technology solves this problem with unique circuitry that creates the square pulse current of energy . This control enables the production of wavelengths that just relate to the treatments given, with no waste. It is the reason iPulse systems do not need multiple hand sets with cut-off filters. iPulse technology means operators know exactly what wavelengths are being delivered at all times.

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