Is pressure injury your priority?

Supplier: Select Patient Care
07 July, 2020

Effective support surfaces are available right now that will provide the right levels of immersion and shear reduction to... minimise the risks of harmful and costly pressure injury, while making the challenging daily task of moving and positioning patients easier. It is vital that health professionals have the right products available to ensure patient safety and comfort.

Mattresses and cushions are an essential component in protecting patients from skin and pressure injuries, and the contact patients have with different medical surfaces in the way in which their bodies are positioned, can have a significant impact on their health and recovery.

At Select Patient Care we have partnered with the best bespoke manufacturers who put the patient and carer experience above all else – researching and developing quality products that are guaranteed to help nurses improve the lives of the patients in their care. For nursing, the safety and comfort of your patients is the number one priority, and finding the right products that you know will support this immense responsibility is critical.

Our ranges of pressure care products deliver the correct balances of comfort, care and patient handling effectiveness for your staff and facility. We know that everything matters when it comes to looking after patients, and we’re here to provide the products that help you make a difference.