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Jetvac Eco

Supplier: Duplex Cleaning Machines Pty Ltd

The Jetvac Eco is the most compact steam and vacuum machine in our range.

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What is a Jetvac Eco?
The Jetvac Eco features a large 3lt boiler and a detachable Wet / Dry water filtered vacuum drum.

The Jetvac Eco can be used anywhere where high quality steam cleaning and wet vacuuming is needed. 
Its small size makes it an ideal choice for contract cleaners and light commercial use, where wet vacuuming is required as well as high pressure steam cleaning.

Specifically the Jetvac Eco is used in to clean areas such as:

  •  Kitchens
  •  Bathrooms
  •  Toilets
  •  Showers
  •  Basins
  •  Tiles / Grout
  •  Ovens
  •  Windows

The Jetvac Eco is ideal for

  • Contract Cleaners
    •  Steam clean carpets not just vacuum
    •  Sanitise and dry kitchens, bathrooms in half the time
    •  Clean upholstery / furniture
  • Kitchens / Restaurants
    •  Disinfect food prep areas
    •  Degrease oil and grease build up
    •  Deep clean fridge, tables rang hoods, stoves
  • Child Care Centres
    •  Disinfect tables, chairs, floors, play equipment, toys.
    •  Deep clean kitchens, toilets, toys, play equipment
    •  Revitalise playground furniture
  • Gyms / Saunas
    •  Disinfect equipment
    •  Remove sweat stains easily
    •  Deep clean synthetics / leather

Unique Features of the Jetvac Eco

  • 155°C  Dry Steam
    155°C  94% Dry steam is Produced by the Jetvac Eco
  • 4 Bar Steam Pressure
    Powerful 4 bars of steam pressure in an all in one steam and vacuum machine. 
  • Wet / Dry Vacuum
    The Jetvac Eco has a 4 Lt Wet / Dry vacuum drum allowing lengthy cleans
  • 3 Lt Water Capacity
    Large 3Lt boiler allows the Jetvac Eco to clean more areas, in less time
  • Water Filter
    The Jetvac Eco has a water filtered vacuum drum system allowing the clean up of dust and small particles reducing airborne debris.