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JetVac Professional

Supplier: Duplex Cleaning Machines Pty Ltd

The JetVac Professional, holds the World Record for steam heat-up time of under 4 minutes.

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What is a Jetvac Professional?
The Jetvac Professional is a machine designed for efficient, hygienic and cost effective cleaning.

A one action mobile unit which uses superheated dry steam vapour to dissolve dirt and kill bacteria.
The powerful vacuum removes debris and moisture to leave surfaces dry, clean and sanitised.

The Jetvac Professional can be used anywhere where high quality steam cleaning and wet vacuuming is needed. 
With its hot water / chemical injection the Jetvac Professional is superb for removing stains, chewing gum, bacteria and mould.

Specifically the Jetvac Professional is used in to clean areas such as:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Basins
  • Tiles / Grout
  • Ovens
  • Windows

The Jetvac Professional is ideal for

  • Hotels
    • Steam clean carpets not just vacuum
    • Destroy bed bugs / dust mites
    • Clean upholstery / furniture
  • Kitchens / Restaurants
    • Disinfect food prep areas
    • Degrease oil and grease build up
    • Deep clean fridge, tables rang hoods, stoves
  • Hospitals
    • Disinfect tables, chairs, floors, bathrooms even operating theatres
    • Deep clean kitchens, toilets, toys
    • Portable cleaning unit for wards, reception, operating theatres etc.
  • Gyms / Saunas
    • Disinfect equipment
    • Remove sweat stains easily
    • Deep clean synthetics / leather

Unique Features of the Jetvac Professional

  • 165°C Dry Steam
    165°C 94% Dry steam is Produced by the Jetvac Professional
  • 6 Bar Steam Pressure
    Powerful 6 bars of steam pressure in an all in one steam and vacuum machine. 
  • Continuous Steam
    The large water tank and boiler allows the machine to run continuously, with minimum water refills.
  • 7 Lt Water Capacity
    Large 3Lt water reservoir and 4Lt boiler allows the Jetvac Professional to clean more areas with less refills
  • Wet / Dry Vacuum
    The Jetvac Professional has a 5.5 Lt Wet / Dry vacuum drum allowing lengthy cleans
  • Water /Chemical Injection
    The twin tanks lets the Jetvac Professional contain water or chemical, allowing the deep clean of many surfaces and also chewing gum removal.