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Supplier: Select Patient Care
30 June, 2021

Is there anything more frustrating than placing an order and having it arrive late?

Here at Select Patient Care we are passionate about creating a smooth experience for our customers from start to finish, delivering your products straight to your door when you need it. So how do we make sure we can continue to keep our customers happy throughout their journey? Well, with our own delivery vehicles we can ensure you are receiving your equipment when it suits. You can access a carefully curated collection of quality brands through our long-term, close relationships with other like-minded designers and manufacturers of specialty healthcare products that respect our customers and what we value. You will experience our sales reps going the extra mile with inciteful solutions and efficient results to solving any special requirements or breakdowns that might occur. Here at Select we value our customers; they are what drive us to provide quality service and support all around Queensland. We welcome feedback and value opportunities to improve our services to you, we are always investigating new ways to deliver on time to the customer. Right now, our products come to you pre-assembled and with no packaging waste- how good is that! Our patient transport and procedure solutions support an entire cross-section of healthcare- from the smallest clinics to the largest hospitals.

So, if its specialists who pride themselves in offering innovative, custom solutions for healthcare professionals that help you to deliver the best patient care, then Select is for you. We are reinventing how personalised customer service, fast lead times and comprehensive factory direct, after-sales support is offered to you.

Select is your one-stop-shop for the tools you require to provide quality care to your patients.