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Key elements to consider when choosing a fit-out consultant

Supplier: Working Environments
11 August, 2014

Louis De Silva from Working Environments discusses his thoughts on the key elements customers should consider when choosing their fit out consultant.

Learn why open communication and understanding of business fit out concepts is crucial.

Communication is key, so you have to be comfortable talking to the person that you're dealing with.

You have to be willing and comfortable to share with them the good, and bad and ugly things about your business so that they get a clear picture of what it is you want.

You have to feel like they're not overriding you, or controlling you, or taking your project in a direction that you don't want it to go, because ultimately it is your project and it has to reflect the functions, operations and financial needs of your business.

Whilst you shouldn't let them override you, it's important that they've got experience to bring to the party because they will have learnt what works before and what doesn't.

So them coming up with ideas – it's important not to dismiss those ideas because they may well be valuable improvements to your design.

Key elements to consider when choosing a fit-out consultant