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KVG Australia | Anti-Snoring Device

KVG Australia

WARNING: Beware Cheap Imitations - This Leading Doctor-Designed Anti-Snoring Device Really Can Solve Your Snoring Problems!

Wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed.
No more arguments or complaints from your partner.
No more having to sleep in the spare room .
Easy to use and clean.
No expensive equipment to buy.
Europe’s top selling Anti-Snoring and Anti-Teeth Grinding device is now available in Australia and New Zealand!

NOISELEZZ is a two trayed hinged anti-snore device, worn in the mouth while sleeping. It is made of soft high quality dental resin. This anti-snoring solution greatly reduces snoring or eliminates it entirely.

The Noiselezz Device
The Noiselezz anti-snoring device has been designed to greatly reduce or eliminate snoring. The hinged mechanism is designed to gently pull the bottom jaw forward, stopping it from falling back, thus keeping the airway open and preventing the tongue from touching the soft tissues at the back of the throat.

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KVG is a privately owned Australian company with the sole rights to distribute Noiselezz in Australia & New Zealand. We are primarily a service company and pride ourselves on our fast, friendly and professional experience that we deliver to our clients.

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