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Laser protection and safety from Laser Resources Management

Supplier: LRM Technologies
03 October, 2012

When a laser or x-ray is in use it can become a hazard for the user as well as people nearby.

Fortunately, we have partnered with some of the best safety and protection suppliers that enable us to provide medical professionals with the most suitable safety solutions.

At Laser Resources we supply a large range of simple large area laser protection screens and blocking curtains and fully customisable signage as well as the more technically advanced solutions, which include our range of Interlock Systems.

As well as the large area protection, we also supply an extensive range of personal safety solutions. These include LaserVision's Laser safety eyewear and mouth protection barriers.

All of the laser safety products we supply comply with the Australian government standards. The products are also designed to enable functionality and practicality for the laser user so that the quality of the work is not affected.

For more information or to download an informative PDF on our range from LaserVision and Lasermet, visit our website or contact us using the request form.

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