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Laser Slit Lamp | Integre Yellow™

Supplier: Ellex Medical) Limited

The Integre Yellow™ is the first solid-state yellow laser to feature high-power output and a fully integrated slit lamp.

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561m high-power yellow

The 561nm yellow wavelength creates a more predictable, controlled burn than 514/532nm green wavelengths. This results in low scotoma formation, which provides for better control over the laser-tissue interaction. It also produces less scatter, which means superior transmission through existing opacities and improved tissue targeting. Because it is not absorbed by xanthophyll, the yellow wavelength is ideal for treatments in and around the macula. It is suitable for performing all 514/532nm green laser procedures, including iridotomies and laser trabeculoplasty.

Consistent, stable power delivery

The Integre Yellow’s innovative cavity design overcomes the thermal problems of conventional yellow laser cavity designs, enabling it to achieve up to 1.5 watts of stable power output. A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) continually adjusts the pump diode current in real-time to ensure constant power output. In addition, the DSP ensures that the cavity temperature is accurately monitored and controlled, further contributing to consistent, stable high-power yellow output for the most demanding of ophthalmic procedures.

Designed to maximise your workflow

This fully integrated, ergonomic design of the Integre Yellow™ provides you with additional working space and convenient, simultaneous access to the patient and laser controls. It also minimises system downtime, because there are no exposed fiber-optic or electrical cables to accidentally damage.

Superior energy distribution

The Integre Yellow™ delivers even energy across the full diameter of the spot, from the beginning to the end of exposure, without creating hot spots. This is because we use the highest quality optics and laser components in the industry, with real-time, active light feedback that continuously monitors and adjusts power output throughout each exposure.

True Spot™ optics

The Integre Yellow’s True Spot™ optical system ensures that you are able to work with a uniform, sharp-edged, top-hat beam on the retina with the comfort of low power density at the cornea.

Superior viewing

The Integre Yellow™ features a unique, 10-degree convergence angle viewing path and high-resolution optics for improved depth perception and superior peripheral viewing.