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Latex Gloves

Supplier: Gloves Direct

Latex Gloves are lightly powdered or powder free, ambidextrous, beaded cuff, medical grade, non-sterile gloves available in 100 gloves per box.

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    • Lightly powdered or powder free.
    • Ambidextrous.
    • Beaded cuff.
    • Cuff length 23 cm.
    • Medical grade.
    • Low soluble protein level
    • Non-sterile.

Physical Properties:

    • Tensile strength, mpa (min) >14 min Ultimate Elongation, % (min) 500 min(after aging)
    • Lightly powdered gloves: 100% USP absorbable corn starch
    • Powder free: Soluble protein < 50ug as per ASTM D 5712-95

Quality Standards:

    • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9002
    • Exceed ASTM D 3578-95 standard for holes/major/minor defects.
    • Biocompatibility Guidance for medical devices as measured by primary skin irritation test on rabbits and repeat challenge sensitization on guinea pigs.

Chemical Exclusion:

    • Chemical contact sensitizers either present or non-detectable (using water extraction and TLC assay method for qualitative analysis)
    • Accelerators: Mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT); zinc diethyldithiocarbamate (ZDEC), or other any chemicals of the carbamate group.
    • Antixidants: Butyated reaction products of p-cresol and dicyclopentadience.

Safety Precaution:

    • Suggest use in high risk environment where contact with blood borne micro-organisms or hazardous substances is likely.
    • If there is history of allergy to powder, use only powder free gloves.
    • If there is history of latex allergy use vinyl or nitrile gloves.