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LED Operating Lights

Supplier: H.E. Technical Services

Typical uses for Operating Lights include; Orthopedic Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Neuro Surgery, General Surgery, Catheterization Laboratories

Price Guide: POA

Also used in: Day Surgery, Resuscitation Room and Veterinary for Invasive Procedures, typically those requiring general anaesthesia

Key Features and Uses of Operating Lights

  • Light Intensity – Operating Lights have a very high light output, typically lower end models start at about 100,000Lux, which is about the equivalent of light on a bright summers day. High end models produce up to about 200,000Lux. Typically Operating Lights are used as pairs for deep cavity surgery.
  • Fail Safe Features – a number of measures are incorporated into Operating Lights to decrease the risk of failure, some of these include;
    • Multiple Light Heads – if one light fails, the other will normally still work.
    • Backup-up Globes or Multiple Globes in each light head – a single globe failure will not have an effect on patient safety.
    • Emergency/Alternate Power Supplies – in the event of loss of power to a building, Operating Lights normally have a dedicated battery supply. The change-over to the Emergency/Alternate Power Supply is instantaneous, as loss of light, including room lighting would have a severe effect on patient safety.
  • Shadow Reduction – if you can imagine an Operating Site with two surgeons (4 hands…) and a number of instruments and tubes being used, you can begin to understand that a small light, say 30cm in diameter pointing into the operating site would not be likely to sufficiently illuminate the operating site. So typically an Operating Light is of a large diameter, the larger the diameter of light, the better the shadow reduction, as the light is entering the operating site from a greater number of angles, effectively lighting up around the hands and instruments, etc. Also, Operating Lights are normally used in pairs.

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